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The Maui Nurses Scholarship Foundation is an organization that promotes and supports the continuing education of Maui County Nurses through support of training programs on an individual and group basis. We are convinced that nurses need and are deserved of this financial assistance considering what they do for the community.

Nurses Ball Drop sponsored by Maui Nurses Scholarship Foundation

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Here are just a few ways nurses work for you:

• Nurses care for you in the emergency room.
• Nurses answer the medical hotline.
• Nurses see you at the doctor's office.
• Nurses are in the delivery and operation rooms.
• Nurses care for the elderly in the nursing homes.
• Nurses make home health visits.
• Nurses console end-of-life patients.
• Nurses care for hospital patients.

When night comes and everyone else is gone, nurses are still there for you!

Nurses are 24-7 People.