In 1982, The Maui Nurses Scholarship Foundation (MNSF) was established to help support the continuing education of nursing students at UH Maui College and the nursing staff at Maui Memorial Medical Center.

The fundraisers over the years have been the following:

Sand & Sea Gala

Maui Nurses Tennis Tournament

Maui Nurses Tennis Tournament Tennis Tournament ParticipantsMaui Nurses Tennis Tournament

Eventually the fundraiser switched to golf.

In 2006, the MNSF fundraising events evolved into "Gala Dinner Events". Our first dinner was on the cruise ship the Pride of America and today our events are held at the King Kamehameha Golf Clubhouse. Locals call the clubhouse the "Marilyn Monroe House", because it was originally for her by the famous Frank Lloyd Wright.

An additional fundraising event is our annual Helicopter Fly By and Golf Ball Toss.

MNSF Golf Ball DropMNSF Golf Ball Drop

An evening of Dancing With the Stars was the latest event to support Maui's Nurses and was held at the The King Kamehameha Golf Club also know as the Marilyn Monroe House.

Dancing with the Stars Event