Through fund raising activities, Maui Nurses Scholarship Foundation is able to provide much needed resources and financial assistance to hundreds of nurses, nursing students, and nursing faculty in Maui County.

Maui Nurses Scholarship Foundation | Nurses in Class

Maui Nursing Conference for students, faculty and MMMC staff, annually – Professional quality nursing conference brought to Maui instead of sending just a few nurses and students to the mainland for a high level conference

ATI for LPNExpensive, required educational software

WOWs (Workstations On Wheels)The computers nurses use in the hospital for students @ MMMC

Guest faculty to support students: Ruthie (clinicals during COVID), Tobin (trauma simulation), Katie R. (OB education)

CAPR (Controlled Air-Purifying Respirator) for students who do not fit any size N-95 mask @ MMMC

National League for Nursing’s Certified Nurse Educator (CNE) Course for UHMC faculty

Pinning Ceremonies for students – It is worthy of celebration but they have no money to do it

Added Critical Thinking Textbook/Workbooks during COVID

ACLS for nursing students, NRP for EMT students

NCLEX prep support

Comments from MNSF Awardees

Maui Nurses Scholarship Foundation | Nurses in Class

I would like to thank the MNSF for their support and contribution to assist students with financial obligations. From their gift last semester I was able to get my fall 2022 books. I am a mother of 2 children and this gift allowed me to not financially stress about how I was going to pay for my books and care for them that month. It was challenging at that time because I gave birth to our second child a week before school started. Thank you again for the gift last semester.

Raybeka Sinenci

I would like to thank the Maui Nurses Scholarship Foundation for their kind generosity. I can’t even begin to express how thankful I am for their continued support throughout my academic endeavors. The Maui Nurses Scholarship foundation helped to relieve a tremendous amount of stress I was carrying caused by financial burden. Because of their generous gift, I was able to pay off my tuition and spend more time and energy focusing on my studies and mastering the skills I need to be a great nurse. I feel blessed to have their support and look forward to the day I can give back to the foundation and help another student nurse just like me.

I am beyond thankful.

Autumn Devlin

Maui Nurses Scholarship Foundation | Nurses in Class
Maui Nurses Scholarship Awardee - Sherae

I’d like to express my sincere gratitude for your generous scholarship. As a full-time student, mother of 3, and having to travel 51 miles from Hana to UHMC, which takes approximately 2 hours one-way, it was hard to find time to work. During this second year, we transitioned into full in-person classes requiring me to drive round trips almost daily. Gas prices had increased and the cost of one round trip did too. I was blessed with this scholarship when I needed it most. I cannot express enough how grateful I am. Your scholarship has allowed me to focus more on my studies and my family without the stress of financial hardships. I hope one day I will be able to help other nursing students as you have helped me.


Dear Sir or Madame,

My name is Andrea Christian, and I am a second-year nursing student at the University of Hawaii Maui College. The commitment of nursing school leaves little time to work and sometimes makes financially supporting myself tricky. Last semester I had a necessary dental surgery that my insurance did not cover, which left me financially destitute. Worrying about the necessities (gas, groceries, rent) made focusing on school challenging and caused me enormous stress. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for providing a scholarship to help the future nurses of Maui. When I received your scholarship, it felt like the world’s weight lifted off of my shoulders and allowed me to focus entirely on school once again. I take the dedication to my studies very seriously because I aspire to be a safe, responsible nurse when I graduate in May 2023.

I want to thank you sincerely for your contribution and generosity.

Best regards,
Andrea M Christian

I was blessed to receive funds from MNSF this past year. With the money I received, I was able to buy all of my nursing books without stressing to find the money. I am grateful for MNSF and all the funds that they were able to gift to many of us.


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