Aloha All,

This is a report of our/your hand in the disaster relief, and a call for help! UHMC has ten active nursing students directly affected and many more indirectly affected. The UHMC Allied Health Dept. Chair wrote six $1000 checks the first week after the fires. To date, 12 checks have been written totaling $11,000. Several of these students assumed they would have to drop out of nursing school but with the immediate help, and the promise of continued support, they have started school again.

Not only are we facing this unexpected and unprecedented need, we have all the same needs we have always had to support students through to graduation. Many are heads of households and have to work to make ends meet. MNSF funds provide the relief they need to ensure they spend sufficient time studying to become a RN. Their success is critical to meeting the future healthcare needs of our county.

In addition, we are committed to partnering with Maui Memorial pediatric nurses to go to Oahu for advanced training. Our goal is $5,000 to send a group of RNs to work side by side in the Oahu Acute and Critcal Care Pediatric Units. This will allow more children who are ill on Maui to stay here to get quality care.

Please donate to Maui Nurses Scholarship Foundation and help us support our students and our community during this crisis. The need is going to continue into the future so we cannot let our efforts wane.

Many thanks for your faithful support. We hope you realize the impact you are having on Maui County Healthcare.

Kind regards,
MNSF Board of Directors

Thank Yous from Students Affected by the Maui Fires

Maui Nurses Scholarship Foundation | Nurses in Class
There are no words that can express how grateful I am and what an honor it is to be a recipient of the Maui Nurses Scholarship Foundation.

On August 8th, my home and all my belongings were destroyed in the Lahaina wildfire. Not only did I lose my home that day but also my hopes and dreams for the future. The result of the wildfire has left my family and I in a financially vulnerable position.

I am truly grateful for the scholarship support. This scholarship will allow me to pay for my school books and purchase supplies that were destroyed from the fire. Thank you for the support in helping to take care of some of my financial burdens and to continue with my education.

C. Keyhani

Aloha Maui Nurses Scholarship Foundation. My name is Samantha and I am one of the students that you folks provided relief funds for.

On August 8, 2023 my whole life turned. I lost my home, my town, everything I owned, and even some family members in this fire. Of those many things I lost, I lost everything I needed to finish up my second year of nursing school. As I grieved so many lost, I was also unsure if I could even attain my dreams of becoming a nurse. I thought to myself, there’s no way I could pay for all my books, a new laptop, or even tuition after what just happened, I have to save my money so I could feed my family. I was in a tunnel of darkness. However, when I received a phone call from Mary Farmer that the Maui Nurses Scholarship Foundation could help me with relief funds, I was saw the light at the end of the tunnel. I realized that I could actually finish my dreams of becoming a nurse. The funds allowed me to purchase a new laptop for school, pay for all the online nursing programs required of us, purchase my second year textbooks, and buy my uniform and shoes for school. It’s because of you folks that I am here finishing up my second year of nursing school. I appreciate you guys so much. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for all your help!

Your generous support during one of the most difficult times in life has been greatly appreciated. I am able to use your gift to assist me in relocating out of Lahaina while I finish my last year of nursing school. I am also able to use the funds towards day-to-day expenses, such as gas and food, while I try to find new employment.
Thank you so much for relieving a bit of stress during this time. It allows me to focus on my education and complete my goal to become a nurse.

Kate Stevenson

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